Hotel Television Network

Now boasting more than three decades of successful operation, the Vision Four name is synonymous with top quality entertainment in hotel rooms throughout Malaysia and Singapore, and is viewed annually by an audience of more than 36 million.

Vision Four is the preferred television network for leading 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Malaysia, present in more than 170 hotels and 65,000 rooms all over the country. Guests are spoilt for choice with the latest Hollywood Blockbusters and Award Winning Documentaries that run 24 hours a day, all free of charge. Proof of its popularity, Vision Four has a dominating presence over all other TV channels: nine out of ten guests tune in to our channels !

Viewers are typically the region's most affluent business and leisure travellers. They represent for advertisers a much sought-after and highly targeted group: Malaysians account for 15.2 million room nights a year and these Vision Four viewers have huge earning potential.

Source: Nielsen